Who we are

We are a group of concerned humans. The idea came from Cheryl Martinez, a Japanese-American living in Cologne, Germany. Immediately answering her call for help was Mischa Hammann who agreed to help with coordination and website construction. Also on board are Jan Grubenbecher, programming; Uwe Wiesemann, design; Markus Pillok, legal consultation; Karin Diederichsen and Adele Schlachter who are dispensing words of wisdom. This list will get longer as time goes on.

With this website

I want to give people who want or need to leave Japan for a few weeks or a few months the opportunity to do so. I want to mobilize people all around the world to help.  I want to help those who need it directly and quickly without a lot of politics or underlying motives. I want to open the eyes and the hearts of those who have not until now understood the fragility of our planet.

Cheryl Martinez