Today marks the official end of our work to connect host families with Japanese looking to temporarily leave Japan. We would like to thank everyone for their support, especially those who were kind enough to open both their hearts and their homes to those in need. All in all, we were able to help place Japanese families in homes in Germany, France and the USA. It is wonderful to know that are there so many compassionate people in the world.

Tragedy in Japan.
First an immensely powerful earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami, and now possible core meltdowns at nuclear power plants.

Today we need to stand together and help our fellow human beings. Because this tragedy highlights how fragile life on earth is, and how connected every one of us is to each other.

That is why we believe that opening our hearts and our pocketbooks is not enough.

We need to open our homes to those in Japan wanting or needing to escape the threat of nuclear poisoning.

Sign up here to offer a room in your home, or a vacant apartment to a Japanese family.

Sign up here if you want to get out of Japan for a few days or weeks.